Boiler Modulation: Revolutionising Home Heating

boiler modulation

Boiler modulation is the groundbreaking concept that has transformed the industry and helps us to achieve optimal energy efficiency. It’s an essential feature in modern boiler design, allowing homeowners to enjoy substantial energy savings, improved system performance and unparalleled comfort in their homes.

What is boiler modulation?

Traditional boilers often operate in an archaic on/off mode, either working at full capacity or shutting down completely. Unfortunately, this binary approach leads to wasted energy and inefficient heating. However, modulating boilers have changed the game by adapting their output to match the heating demands of your home. Put simply, these intelligent boilers adjust their burner’s intensity in real-time, ensuring that you only use the precise amount of heat necessary, no more and no less.

How does boiler modulation work?

Boiler modulation’s secret lies in its ability to turn down the boiler’s output. Imagine having a 30kW boiler but, for the next hour, you only need 15kW of heat. Instead of continuously operating at maximum capacity or going through repetitive cycles of turning on and off, a modulating boiler can lower it’s flame by 50%. Essentially resulting in fewer stop starts. Rather than operating at 100% power, modulating boilers adjust their output to match your desired temperature by reading a range of factors like ambient and external temperatures and the number of people in your home.

What are the benefits of modulating boilers?

Modulating boilers, similar to low-temperature heating systems, come with an array of incredible advantages:

Unparalleled Efficiency: Modulating boilers excel at regulating and even recovering heat that would otherwise be lost. By operating at part-load instead of full-load, they reduce fuel consumption while maximising energy transfer resulting in excellent efficiency gains.
Energy Savings: Unlike conventional boilers that frequently switch on and off, modulating boilers save energy by boiling less water. With the temperature remaining constant, they eliminate the need for constant reheating, subsequently leading to significant fuel savings.
Healthier Heating Systems: Modulating boilers contribute to a healthier and more robust heating system. They minimise corrosion, reduce system pressure and alleviate thermal stress on your existing system – meaning more life and reliability from your home heating.


Discover the Top Modulating Boilers at MS Cookers and Boilers

At MS Cookers and Boilers, we understand the importance of professional recommendations. We do the research so you don’t have to! Here are some of the best modulating boilers currently on the market:

  • Veissmann Vitodens 200: Boasting the lowest modulation ratio available, the Veissmann 200 is perfect for most family homes. With an integrated Wi-fi interface and a user friendly operating system, it combines convenience with cutting-edge technology. Additionally, it’s future-proof, prepared for changes in the gas supply. The Viessmann boiler’s huge 1:19 modulation ratio currently outperforms any other domestic gas boiler available. Essentially, this means the Viessmann boiler will run much longer and cooler than any other domestic boiler, increasing gas efficiency and comfort.
  • Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000: Ideal for small to medium sized homes with a single bathroom. The Greenstar 4000 offers a modern design, an easy to use colour display and quiet operation. The Greenstar 4000 combi boiler can modulate at 1:10, meaning you can reduce the power output to 10% of its maximum output during periods of low demand. This makes your boiler highly energy efficient (and cuts your fuel bills) but also reduces the wear and tear on your boiler.
  • Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000: For those seeking both performance and aesthetics, Worcester Bosch’s Greenstar 8000 is an extraordinary choice. Combining stunning design with uncompromising quality. The Greenstar 8000 boiler  has many features, including increased modulation ratio of 1:10, which prevents on/off cycling for a lengthy life and increased power over previous Worcester Bosch boilers. Alongside compatibility with smart technologies this makes it one of Worcester Bosch’s most popular boiler ranges.
  • EOGB Sapphire Oil Boiler: The industry’s first and only fully modulating oil boiler – an absolute revolution for the future of oil fired heating!The core of the Sapphire EOGB lies in its advanced modulating burner system. Equipped with a high-efficiency combustion chamber, this system dynamically adjusts the flame output in response to real-time heat demand. By precisely matching the required heat load, the boiler optimises fuel consumption. Due to this an impressive turndown ratio is reached and  fuel wastage is reduced to unprecedented levels.
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