Combi Boiler Replacement – Huddersfield

Combi Boiler Replacement – Huddersfield

What happens during a boiler installation?

Boiler installation – Honley, Huddersfield



You’ve had your survey and home assessment completed by your heating engineer and now you’re wondering what happens next. Follow us as we show you our recent combi boiler replacement Huddersfield.

This customer had an old, inefficient combi boiler and was fed up with the constant breakdowns. We carried out a full, in-depth home survey and were able to create a tailored solution to suit both our customer’s needs and budgets. We offered two different options for their boiler replacement and the solution our customer chose was a new Worcester Bosch 4000 25kw combi boiler which comes with a 10-year manufacturer guarantee.

Worcester Bosch boiler installation

One of the main reasons our customer chose this particular boiler was the lengthy guarantee which will give them peace of mind for the next ten years. Worcester Bosch has an excellent reputation and their aftercare service is renowned for putting their customer’s needs first. This means there’ll be no complex or lengthy process should you need to use the guarantee. Choosing the 25kw model not only ensured that our customer’s home was getting an efficient boiler that met their needs but also meant that the customer saved around £100 instead of choosing the next model up. Read more about boiler sizes

On the first day of installation and in order to protect their home we began by placing floor coverings, work mats, and dust sheets throughout. Once the home is protected we can begin decommissioning the old, inefficient boiler and draining down the heating system. With our customer in Honley, once we had turned the water off we drained the pipes and the heating system. We were then able to test the gas supply and ensure it was isolated at the meter. This ensures there are no gas leaks and keeps you and your home safe. When the gas was isolated we were able to disconnect the old boiler and remove it from the wall. 

In the video above, you can see Richard measuring the flow rate of the cold water which helps us measure the size of the boiler needed. For our customer in Honley, Huddersfield we had a flow rate of 10 litres per minute. The Worcester Bosch 4000 25kw combi works happily and efficiently producing 10.2 litres of hot water per minute and this is one of the reasons we recommended the 25kw model. 

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 25kw

Once the system is completely drained our team can begin to disconnect and cut back the pipework where required. We then use the boiler template to measure and mark the holes for drilling, fixings, and piping. For our customer in Honley, we simply popped this on the wall, marked our drilling points, and began drilling the holes for the pipe fixings and the boiler jig (the mounting frame for the new boiler). The boiler jig is then fixed into place and ready for the boiler to be mounted. 

For part of this job in Honley, we incorporated a magnetic filter (link here) which collects the magnetic debris that is present in a heating system.  Without this rust and corrosion can form in pipes over time, subsequently combining with other debris and forming a sludge-like substance which can damage the heating system or stop it working efficiently.  We also installed a shock arrestor. These are recommended by Worcester Bosch and other boiler manufacturers to absorb shock waves and prevent water hammer and damage to appliances.

We then installed the condensate trap – a safety device forming part of the flue system. Worcester Bosch flues are telescopic and our team measured the distance from the boiler turret to the external wall and set the flue to the required length before fitting it to the boiler.  Both the inside and outside the flue is sealed with sand and cement and we fit the weather seal to protect the pointing and to neaten up the appearance.

Before we can commission the boiler our team needs to reinstate both the water and gas supply. We do this by closing all the open taps and reopening the stop tap. We can then purge all of the air from the water system, begin to fill the boiler, and add pressure to the system. Now, it’s time to power up the boiler. The Worcester Bosch LCD digital display asks us what language we would like to use. For our customer in Honley, we chose English but there are a variety of languages available. 

Now the boiler is powered up we add a cleaner to the system and whilst the system is cleaning, the commissioning process can begin. We check the gas inlet pressure at the gas valve to ensure there are no issues with the gas supply. We also measure the flow rate of the hot water and test the differential between the hot and cold water. As part of the commissioning process, we access the boiler settings to ensure the new boiler is running at its most efficient. For this customer in Huddersfield, we were able to reduce the maximum rated output of the heating system, meaning further savings on those gas bills. Our customer in Honley also opted for the Worcester Bosch Easy Control Thermostat which is an internet-connected smart thermostat. Meaning they are able to control the temperature of their home from their smartphones or other devices from anywhere in the world.

Worcester Bosch Easy Control Smart Thermostat

Once the system has been running for an hour and the cleaner has had a chance to do its job, our team can start to flush the heating system. We do this by draining all the water and cleaner out of the system. We carry out this process by closing all the radiators down on the thermostatic valves, closing and opening them up individually, and flushing through with mains water until the water runs clear. After this, our team adds the inhibitor, which protects against future corrosion, and we complete a final flush of the hot water system. For heavily corroded systems then a chemical flush may not be enough to restore your heating system to full efficiency, in which case a Magnacleanse or a Powerflush may be needed. 

Hopefully, this has demystified the boiler installation process. We know our customer in Honley, Huddersfield was happy with their brand-new boiler. You can read their review here.

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