Central heating system fitted in Halifax

New Central heating system fitted in Halifax. Our customer came to us after we had previously installed a new gas fire for them. They had never had central heating, they had a Multipoint water heater located in the kitchen.

Baxi boiler fitted in Halifax


We conducted our in-depth home survey, listening to the customer’s requirements. We measured all the rooms to calculate the whole house heating requirements. Once our survey was complete we then went away to work out the required radiator sizes for each room. Along with the hot water performance needed. With this information, we put together a quotation package for their new boiler installation

We always offer at least two different price points from different manufacturers. These options depend on what is important for the customer. whether it be brand, warranty length or price.

On this occasion. Our customer chose the option of a Baxi Duo-tec 28kW. With a 7 year warranty.  Installed with a Centre brand magnetic filter and protected using Adey MC1.

The installation of a full heating system is quite intrusive. As all the pipework had to be installed from scratch. Meaning the floorboards needed to be removed so we could run our heating pipes within the joist space. As the customer was still living in the house while the work was carried out. We needed to make sure that each night the installation was left clean, tidy and safe. Putting the floors and carpets back down and hoovering up every night.

Central heating pipes being installed

The gas pipe needed to be upgraded from 15mm to 22mm to allow sufficient gas to be supplied to the burner. The old square flue needed bricking up around our new round flue pipe. And the condensate pipe had to be installed, we utilised the drains under the kitchen sink for this.

New boiler installation in Halifax

Once the job was complete. We ran through all our commissioning checks. Including measuring the gas rate, hot water temps, heating temps and combustion analysis. We then carried out a hot flush of the heating circuit. This removes any installation debris. flux residue etc. before refilling and dosing with inhibitor.

Baxi Duotec 28kW Installation

Once all this was complete the installation was registered with the manufacturer. This activates the 7-year warranty.  Also registered with Gas Safe for the building regulations compliance certificate.

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