Landlord Boiler installation in Huddersfield

Landlord Boiler installation in Huddersfield

Are you and a landlord? Are you in need of a new boiler installation for your property? Then have a read of this case study of a recent job completed by MS Cookers and Boilers Ltd.

Landlord boiler installation

A good customer of ours phoned to say her tenants were without hot water, and would we go out and have a look? To which we agreed. On arrival at the property, we carried out a few basic checks and found that the boiler required parts. These parts would make the repair bill up to 400-500 pounds. The boiler in question was a 13-year-old Vokera combi. Which probably only cost that much to buy in the first place. Once we had priced the parts and the repair, we informed the landlady. Noting the age of the existing boiler and advised her to weigh up the options. Whether a repair was economically viable.

After some discussion and bit of to and fro with quotations. A decision was made to replace the boiler with a Vokera Easi-Heat 25ci.  Supplied with 5-year manufacturer warranty. The property had 8 radiators installed. And the incoming cold water flow rate was only 10 litres per minute. This meant that the 25 kW would be the perfect choice as it would keep the costs down compared to the larger 32Kw model. The 32kW model is capable of delivering hot water up to 12.9 litres per minute.

The nature of the job and the fact that the tenants were without hot water meant this job became a top priority for us. We were able to return two days later with the new boiler and spent the whole day swapping the boiler. And flushing the radiators out. As part of the job, the boiler controls were upgraded. To comply with recent boiler-plus legislation we installed the Salus RT520. Which has the start-stop optimisation? Giving better efficiency of the heating system, thus saving money on the energy bills.

After the Landlords boiler  installation was completed. The new boiler and controls were explained to the tenants and the boiler was registered.  Registered with Vokera for the manufacturer warranty. And with Gas Safe for the Building Regulations Compliance certificate.

landlord boiler installation

Another happy customer, happy landlady and happy tenants.  All with minimum down-time and a cost-effective solution.