New Combi Boiler Huddersfield

The Job

New Combi boiler Huddersfield – A customer of ours contacted us to quote them for a new boiler installation in Huddersfield. A four-bedroom semi-detached property with 2 bathrooms. Currently being served by a 24kW Vokera combi boiler. The existing boiler was massively undersized to meet the demands of the customer’s hot water needs. The boiler installation was getting on for 16 years old. And in the recent years had become increasingly unreliable and problematic.

The home survey

The way we do things at MS Cookers and Boilers involves a highly detailed home survey process. This helps us determine the very best solutions. Specifying the boiler requirements in your home. Our survey showed that the current boiler was undersized. In terms of the amount of hot water, it could produce, in relation to how fast the water came into the property.
The incoming main supply was coming through at 15 Litres per minute. Our survey also flagged up a couple of problematic radiators that weren’t heating up fully.

The proposal

combi boiler Huddersfield  
Using our in-depth home survey report we went away and started work on putting the new boiler quote together. The customer had already expressed interest in Worcester Bosch and Viessmann boilers. On this basis,  we sent over two quotations, one for each boiler and then let the customer choose which new boiler to have installed.
After a few questions, the customer settled on the Worcester Bosch. 8000 Life 35kW combi boiler with 12-year manufacturer guarantee.

Additional to the boiler

As well as choosing us to install them a new combi boiler. We were also requested to carry out a Magnacleanse power flush of the heating system. Install a new radiator in the living room and they also needed a condensate pump.

The Boiler

The Worcester Bosch 8000 lifestyle series of boilers is the flagship top of the range boiler made by Worcester Bosch. It boasts the title of the most powerful, wall hung combi boiler on the market, available in sizes from 30kW – 50kW. Nicknamed the beautiful beast, it’s easy to see why.
The 8000 series has been designed with style in mind. The Worcester Bosch 8000 series. When fitted by an accredited installer, with a magnetic filter. Comes with 12-year manufacturer Guarantee.

The installation

The day of the new combi boiler installation came, we arrived on-site at 8 am and unloaded all our tools and equipment into the house. This is after we had sheeted up all the work areas, and used carpet protector throughout the corridors we would be using.
The new boiler arrived shortly after we did and allowed us to get a good start.
The existing boiler was decommissioned and removed and the pipework cut back. To allow is space to make any alterations to accommodate the new boiler installation.
The wall was prepared and the new boilers mounting jig was fixed to the wall.
We then connected up all the pipework underneath. Including the Worcester Bosch Greenstar magnetic filter. The Grundfos Conlift condensate pump and the shock arrestor. The new boiler was now at the stage to be lifted onto the jig. where it was secured to the wall and connected to the service valves on the boiler jig.
By the end of day one the boiler, flue and all the pipework was in and connected and the water back on. We introduced a strong cleaner into the system and left the customer with heating and hot water again within the same day.

new combi boiler installation

Installation day 2

Day two we arrived on site and continued with the installation. We still had the flush to carry out, the boiler pipework was still all to be insulated and the flue cage still needed installing.

The result

The job ran smoothly. The boiler was a good choice and could now keep up with the hot water demands. The customer was extremely happy with his choice of boiler installation company and the boiler they had chosen. The radiators had never been as hot and they were happy they could sleep easy now with the 12 years peace of mind that comes with a new boiler installation.
We even got a glowing 5-star review which was a nice bonus.

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