Oil Boiler replacement Queensbury, Bradford

Oil boiler replacement. New oil boiler supplied and installed in Queensbury, Bradford. Our customer came to us wanting some emergency help about their boiler. A young family without heating at this time of year is not ideal.

Hounsfield external oil boiler
Hounsfield external oil boiler

The existing boiler, A 25-year-old Trianco boiler. Which had once been the driving force in an AGAmatic boiler. Was now in a sorry state down in the cellar. The boiler/ installation was beyond salvage and the only option was a replacement.

oil boiler installation
The first look of the new boiler

Due to the location of the existing installation. The lack of nearby drain and the current flueing arrangement. The easiest, neatest and most cost-effective solution. Was to look at an external boiler model.

Armed with all the information I had given them, and the two price points. The customer decided on a Hounsfield, Tuscan 12/19 External. This British made product, with its 5 years no quibble warranty, the life-long oil Flexi. And the simple engineering that makes it a pleasure to install.

Power flushing with an oil boiler
The results of the system flush

This may have been the first Hounsfield boiler we installed but it won’t be the last!

As the main concerns of the customer were getting some heat, and as a soon as possible. The rest of the system stayed the same. With the addition of a replacement circulation pump for the central heating. Once the New boiler, flue and pipework had been installed.  We set about the commissioning process. The new oil boiler installation was soon set up correctly and running happily. And the customers were just happy to be warm.

Oil boiler installation in Yorkshire
The finished article

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