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What is an external oil boiler?

Oil boilers come in the same three different types as gas boilers, Combi, regular and system.

Oil boilers are one of the most popular heating solutions for over 4 million UK homes that are not connected to the gas network. For many, one of the biggest attractions is the fact that it’s possible to install an oil-fired boiler outside the home.

The difference between an internal oil boiler and an external oil boiler is simply that external oil boilers are installed outside.

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External boilers

High efficiency, external oil boilers are a perfectly viable option for many people and, if installed correctly, well insulated and maintained, can be as effective as internal oil boilers, without impacting on the interior of your home.

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What are the benefits of an External Oil Boiler?

  • More space indoors: Removing the boiler from your kitchen or utility room can free up space and, in the case of old, bulky boilers, remove an eyesore.
  • Less noise: Some boilers are noticeably noisy when running with humming, vibrating, banging or pinging sounds a constant irritation.
  • No carbon monoxide risk: Although not a common occurrence, carbon monoxide leaks are a real risk which can be avoided by putting the boiler outside.
  • Prevent damage to the home: Occasionally, boilers can leak oil which not only causes damage but can smell.
  • Easier access for servicing: Moving the boiler outside means your home is not turned into a temporary workshop during annual servicing and can improve access making both your regular maintenance and the engineer’s job a lot easier.
  • Heating for outdoor buildings: If you choose to house the boiler in a garage or outhouse, it will lose a certain amount of heat to the air around it which could be a positive if the area is used as a work area or for storage.
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How much does an external oil boiler cost?

An external oil boiler be more expensive than a normal oil boiler, this is down to the fact that the Casing and housing are all weathertight and insulated, it has been through stringent testing to achieve the waterproof rating and to be suited to sitting outside all year round in the Uk climate. 

The cost of a like for like comparison basis, A Worcester Bosch Heatslave II external model is £150 more expensive.than its internal counterpart. On top of this, the installation costs can be higher if your boiler is currently inside your house. 

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