Oil Boiler Installation

Oil Boiler Installation In Huddersfield

Do you need a new oil boiler? are you based in Huddersfield and the surrounding areas? MS Cookers and Boilers have you covered.

As an Oftec registered business based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. We are a local company and can help you with all things oil-fired boilers

  • New oil tank installations and replacements
  • New Boiler installations
  • Boiler replacements
  • Boiler servicing
  • Boiler repairs
  • Oil Aga servicing

All our work is carried out in line with current regulations, to the highest standards

Oil Boiler installation Huddersfield

Why use us for your new Oil Boiler installation?

  • Friendly local team
  • In-depth home surveys to ensure the best fit boiler
  • Oftec registered boiler installation company
  • 5-star customer service
  • Worcester Bosch Accredited installers
  • Grant Uk Accredited installers
  • Oil Boiler installation specialists
oil boiler installation

Oil boiler installation in Huddersfield

Oil boiler installation is not as common as gas. Approximately 16% of all households are not connected to the gas grid. This means qualified Oftec registered engineers are harder to come by. Oil appliances are more expensive to buy, install and the cost of a service is higher. But for those where natural gas isn’t available, oil is the next best thing, in our opinion. Modern day oil boilers can be upwards of 90% efficient. Like gas boilers they recycle the flue gasses to squeeze even more efficiency

One of the main difference between oil and gas is the need for an external oil tank and supply line. typically an oil tank will be sized to provide enough oil to last 6-9 months. Meaning regular deliveries are needed.

Like gas boilers, oil comes in three different types. Combi, regular and system. Combi boilers are more expensive than a regular or system boiler due to the added complexity. For our guide on identifying your boiler click here (coming soon….)