Save yourself £100’s on a new boiler installation

SaveSave yourself £100’s on a new boiler installation

Its that time of year, our boilers and heating systems have been in hot water mode for the past few months. The big switch-on arrives, Which for us was this week.  This is the time when a lot of the older boilers and systems will say no thank you. And you will find yourself with no heating.

This article for those of you with a combi boiler installed. who is thinking of having a new combi boiler replacement? If this sounds like your situation then carry on reading.

If a new boiler installation is something you are looking into. Then no doubt you will have been doing a bit of research yourself. There are lots of manufacturers and lots of different sizes. If you have got as far as getting quotes and having surveys done then you will be familiar with one of these.

This is a flow cup, and with this, we can measure the incoming cold water supply and size your combi boiler to suit.

Throughout the boiler manufacturer world. The bigger the combi the more hot water it can produce. The bigger the output, the higher the cost of the boiler. This is where a proper home survey is necessary. If someone has been out to survey your home for a new combi boiler, and they didn’t use one of these. This could be costing you money!

Let’s look at Worcester Bosch as an example. There are four different sizes in the Cdi range

Hot water flow rate litres per minute @ 35* rise 
29 Cdi 30 Kw 11
34 Cdi 30 Kw  12
38 Cdi 30 Kw  14
42 Cdi 30 Kw  15

As you can see from the chart above. The heating output is the same across all four models. The only difference other than price is the hot water performance. This is where the flow cup comes in to play.

If the cold water coming into your house is at 11 litres per minute. You are only ever going to get 11 litres per minute out the other side of your combi boiler. In this scenario, there would be no point going with anything other than the 29Cdi.

The difference in price between the 29kw and the 42kw is near £600.

The reasons for having a proper home survey done by a reputable company should be clear. You could save yourself a few hundred pounds!

If you are thinking of having a new combi boiler installed. Why not check out our online quote generator to see if we can help.

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