What Is A Magnetic Filter?

what is a magnetic filter and why do you care? 

Well, the honest answer is you probably don’t. A magnetic filter in its simplest form is a chamber in which a powerful magnet sits. This filter will sit on the pipe bringing the water back from the radiators. Any magnetite (sludge) suspended in the system water, has to pass through the chamber and the magnetic sludge particles are ‘caught’ by the magnet.

Magnetic filters are a fairly new innovation brought about around 2003, the idea of protecting your boiler from harmful sludge entering your boiler has been that popular. Recent updates to the British standards now state that a magnetic filter must be installed with all new boiler installations.

Do I need a magnetic filter?

Similar to buying a new car, you wouldn’t want the garage to drain the engine oil and coolant from your 15-year-old banger and pour it into your brand new car.

Buying a new boiler for your home is a long term investment in your home, a magnetic filter is a way to protect your investment. A properly maintained boiler and heating system stand a lot better chance of a longer working life.

A lot of the leading manufacturers, trade longer warranties for installation of their filters, this shows they are confident of longer life expectancy on properly installed and protected systems

So yes, in our opinion you do need one.

Why is sludge in my heating system magnetic?

The sludge in your heating system is essentially the inside of your steel radiators breaking down and corroding from the inside. These particles will settle in the bottoms of your radiators ( cold spots and inefficient radiators). This same sludge can collect in vital components of your boiler and may lead to premature breakdowns.

Does a filter need servicing?

Your magnetic filter doesn’t need servicing as such, on your annual service. The service engineer should remove the magnet, clean the sludge, test the system water and then reassemble.