Which boiler is best for a 2-3 bedroom home

What boiler is best for a 2-3 bedroom home

Making sure you have the correct boiler is vital to ensure you have a warm, cosy and efficient home. We need to take into account the amount of heat required. To heat your home to a comfortable level. Whilst providing enough hot water for the occupant’s needs. The efficiency of your boiler is an ever-increasing driving factor in modern times. We can all do more to help the planet.

Many Households are 2-3 bedrooms. So finding the best boiler to suit the needs of a 2-3 bedroom house is an important decision. In this blog post. We will discuss what the different types of boiler are and which would suit your home and lifestyle.


What? There is more than one type of boiler?

The three main types of gas boiler to consider when looking at your options:

Combination boilers or combi boilers as they are more commonly known. Account for more than half of new boiler installations each year in the UK. Combi boilers are a combination of two boilers. A single unit that provides the heat for both your hot water and your heating. No need for any hot water storage cylinders or tanks in the loft. They heat the water straight from the mains whenever demand at the taps. This means you have unlimited hot water whenever you may need it.

Regular boilers, conventional or heat only as they are also known. Fed by two tanks situated in the roof space. One of these, the cold water storage tank draws cold in from the mains. The other, smaller tank feeds the boiler system. Also manages the expansion during the heating up of the water. Many older systems are designed in this way. A regular boiler is a good option if it is a like for like swap on an older system. Old radiators and pipework may not withstand the added pressures of a sealed system.

System boilers. A system boiler heats your radiators and also the stored hot water and fed from the mains. System boilers are somewhere between a combi boiler and a regular boiler. They have components built into the boiler itself such as pump and expansion vessel. If you have a hot water cylinder but no tank in your loft then chances are you have a system boiler.

For a 2-3 bedroom home, we would more than likely recommend that you go down the route of a combi boiler. The gas combi boiler is already a popular choice for homes across the UK. They’re the cheapest and most efficient option for many.

Which is the best boiler to buy?

The answer to this isn’t as clear cut as you may think. Whilst a combi boiler may be the best option for the home. there are many different brands out there that manufacture a combi boiler.

Worcester Bosch Boilers.Worcester Bosch a British manufacturer. Has been making domestic gas boilers since 1962. They are a leading Which best buys accredited manufacturer

Ideal Boilers – installation. Ideal has been around for over 100 years. In that time they have continued to innovate and add quality and value to their products. A company based in Hull in the UK. established in 1906 and originally called the National radiator company. They make boilers for all situations. Designed with both the installer and the homeowner in mind. They prioritise ease of use and simple installation with continued efficiency.

Baxi Boilers- Baxi has been around for over 150 years. Baxi is known for its reliability, affordability and efficiency. By offering a selection of boiler ranges and sizes. Baxi has a boiler suitable for every property.

Viessmann BoilersViessmann is a German company founded in 1917. And has been family owned for four generations. The Vitodens family of condensing gas boilers is Viessmann’s best selling range. They are compact, energy-efficient and economical. Their reputation for outstanding quality and reliability is growing. They have a product to fit any home no matter the size.

You can get one of these great brands at a great price, including installation!
Boiler sizes No. Of Bedrooms
If you have a home with more bedrooms or you have a few extra radiators than the average home. Use our table below, which will give you a better idea of the ideal combi boiler size for your needs.


House Type & Size No. Of Bedrooms No. Of Radiators  
Ideal Boiler Size

Terraced House, Flat Or Bungalow 1-2 up to 10 24-27kW
Semi-Detached House, Medium Terraced House or Bungalow 3-4 up to 15 28-34kW
Large Semi-Detached or Detached House 4+ up to 20 34-42kW

Boiler prices
The average cost of a combi boiler replacement is around £2000. This is not as black and white as it may seem. Depending on which brand and model you go for, the size of the boiler is a factor in the cost. Larger outputs are more expensive. For the Best experience why not give MS Cookers and Boilers a try?

For a brand-new Worcester Bosch boiler including installation, we offer very competitive prices.

Depending on the model the warranty periods are as follows

Worcester Bosch – 10-12 year guarantee

Ideal – 8-10 year warranty

Baxi- 5-10 year warranty

Viessmann- 5-10 year warranty

The pros of having a combi boiler?
A combi boiler would suit a 2-3 bedroom house perfectly.
They are all A-rated condensing boilers. All combi boilers manufactured today. Must have an energy efficiency rating of at least 90%.

  • Compact choice no need for tanks or cylinders
  • Unlimited instant hot water when you need it
  • Water delivered from mains (mains pressure hot water)
  • Ideal for small to medium properties

Which boiler do I need? Give us a call today!
MS Cookers and Boilers are happy to help you decide on the best gas combi boiler for your home. We will even recommend alternative solutions if we don’t think a combi boiler is a right fit for your home. If this is the case and we haven’t covered your requirements in this guide. We’d be happy to speak to you over the phone: 01484941003. Alternatively request a call back below