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specialising in the installation of replacement boilers. We pride ourselves in not just being good but the best we can be. Our reviews show many happy customers and a proven track record in our local and surrounding areas.

Our up to the minute manufacturer training and ongoing personal development of all our engineers. Shows our commitment to the level of customer service we set out to achieve. Customer satisfaction and peace of mind is our main priority. That’s why we’re confident you will get that 5-star experience with us. 

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We have worked very hard to earn our 5-star reviews and are very proud of this.


New Boilers supplied and installed with up to 12 years Guarantee

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Why replace your boiler? 

There are a number of reasons you may be thinking of upgrading your boiler

  • Costly repairs 
  • Banging or gurgling noises
  • Leaking or dripping
  • Constantly having to top up the pressure
  • Your boiler is not as Efficient
  • Your boiler is out of warranty 
  • You want the Peace of mind that comes with a new boiler 

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Recommend the best boilers 

As a specialist boiler installation company, we promise to only offer proven reliable boilers. We would never recommend a boiler that we wouldn’t install in our own homes. We have a comprehensive home survey process that allows us to take your wants and needs and turn those into a package tailored for your home. 

Boiler replacement

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How much does a new boiler cost?

Asking how much a boiler will cost is not a straightforward question to answer. There are so many factors that will have an effect on the cost of having the boiler you want to be installed into your home. The final cost of installing your new boiler will come down to the type of boiler you chose and the complexity of the installation. A direct replacement eg, combi to combi will be minimal in comparison to upgrading from a tank and cylinder system to a combi .

Our free in-depth home survey will allow us to come up with the best solution to suit your budget. 

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