Sapphire Oil Boiler

Revolutionary Oil Boilers with MS Cookers and Boilers

At MS Cookers and Boilers we’re ready for the future. We know it’s time to say goodbye to inefficient oil fired heating solutions and welcome the future of home comfort with EOGB’s revolutionary Sapphire Boiler. The Sapphire is designed to redefine energy efficiency, carbon emissions reduction, and overall control. Available in both Internal and External models, the Sapphire is ready for anyone with an oil fired heating system. Huddersfield, Halifax and Oldham the future of oil fired heating is here and MS Cookers and Boilers is ready.

Sapphire Oil Boiler
Sapphire Oil Boiler

Quality Design

Sapphire’s quality design Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger is backed by their incredible 25 Year Warranty.

Money Saving

Save on fuel and energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and rest assured your home heating is future proof with Sapphire’s SmartControl.

Future Proof

Sapphire is future proof and HVO ready – offering you a 90% reduction in CO2e emissions.

Innovative Oil Boilers

At MS Cookers and Boilers we believe your home and your family deserve the best. That’s why we are your local, friendly oil boiler installation team. If you live in Huddersfield, Halifax, Glossop or Oldham MS Cookers and Boilers are here for you.

Modulating Control: Tailored Heating Like Never Before

Gone are the days of rigid heating schedules and imprecise temperature control. MS Cookers and Boilers are excited to introduce the revolutionary Sapphire Oil Boiler.  The Sapphire fully modulating oil boiler with OpenTherm multi-zone controls ushers in a new era of personalised heating.

Modulating control ensures that heating power is adjusted based on the actual heating requirements of each zone in your home. The result? Steady, comfortable temperatures and optimised energy use.

By controlling the heating in each individual room and learning the best schedule automatically, it helps you to save money and energy while keeping you warm and giving yourself peace of mind.

External Oil Boiler Sapphire

The Future Proof Sapphire Boiler

The Sapphire boiler is ready to be converted to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), but what is HVO?

  • HVO is a low carbon fuel produced from waste cooking oils and fats.
  • HVO offers a 90% reduction in CO2e emissions in comparison to kerosene.
  • HVO allows us to play our part in decarbonisation.

Purchasing a Sapphire with MS Cookers and Boilers means you have already made a huge step to reduce your carbon footprint

Sapphire have partnered with Carbon Footprint Ltd to offer a scheme that allows you to offset your carbon emissions by tree planting for every Sapphire purchased.

To offset a standard kerosene boiler we would need to plant 93 trees.
A Sapphire HVO boiler we would only need to plant 7 trees.

Underfloor Heating

The Sapphire on OpenTherm multi zone controls really comes into its own and works perfectly with underfloor heating. This is thanks to the stainless steel construction that eliminates low return temperature corrosion, that is associated with other boilers.


The Sapphire Boiler harnesses the power of OpenTherm technology, allowing precise temperature control of the water circulating in your radiators and underfloor heating. This modulation capability ensures consistent, tailored warmth. OpenTherm technology works best with EPH controls or Honeywell Evohome.

Sapphire Oil Boiler Installation

Oil Boiler Installations carried out by our local friendly team of highly experienced  oil boiler installation engineers. 

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