What type of boiler do I have?

Do you need a new boiler?

Which type of boiler do you need?

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What are the different boiler types?

Every house has a boiler but not all boilers are equal. What type of boiler do I have is a question you may be asking yourself if you are thinking of a boiler replacement.

Domestic boilers come in three different types.

  • Combination or Combi boiler
  • Heat only or Regular boiler
  • System boiler

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Combination Boilers

or combi boilers as they are more commonly known. Account for more than half of new boiler installations each year in the UK. Combi boilers are a combination of two boilers. A single unit that provides the heat for both your hot water and your heating. No need for any hot water storage cylinders or tanks in the loft. They heat the water straight from the mains whenever demand at the taps. This means you have unlimited hot water whenever you may need it.


  • Compact choice no need for tanks or cylinders
  • Unlimited instant hot water when you need it
  • Water delivered from mains
  • Ideal for small to medium properties
Combi boillers Huddersfield

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Regular Boilers

 conventional or heat only as they are also known. Fed by two tanks situated in the roof space. One of these, the cold water storage tank draws cold in from the mains. The other, smaller tank feeds the boiler system. Also manages the expansion during the heating up of the water. Many older systems designed in this way. A regular boiler is a good option if it is a like for like swap on an older system. Old radiators and pipework may not withstand the added pressures of a sealed system. A regular boiler is also a good solution if the water pressure is low, pumps etc

  • Suitable for larger homes with higher demands
  • Good choice on an older system as a like for like swap, minimal alterations
  • Back up immersion heater
Conventional boiler Huddersfield

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System Boilers

A system boiler heats your radiators and also the stored hot water and fed from the mains. System boilers are somewhere between a combi boiler and a regular boiler. They have components built into the boiler itself such as pump and expansion vessel. If you have a hot water cylinder but no tank in your loft then chances are you have a system boiler. 

  • Suitable for larger properties with a bigger demand for hot water
  • Can use many outlets at the same time
  • No need for a cold water tank in the loft
  • Built-in components such as pump and expansion vessel
System Boiler Huddersfield

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