Oil Combi boiler and oil storage tank installation

Oil fired combi boiler and oil storage tank installation in Slaithwaite

MS Cookers and Boilers

We received an enquiry for this job after being seen out and about. The client had spotted the signwriting on our vans and requested a quotation for a new combi boiler. One of our offerings is the supply and installation of oil-fired boilers.

The customer had moved into a house upon the hillside. The current heating system was a yeoman, back boiler model solid fuel stove. This linked up to an indirect hot water cylinder in the loft.  Six radiators on the first floor were the sum of the heating system. With the location of the property, oil was the best option, and we were tasked with providing a quotation.

Worcester Bosch Oil combi boiler
Oil combi boiler and filter

After going up to the site and carrying out a site survey. This includes talking through the owner’s requirements. What they would like from a new boiler or heating system.

The installation would also need a brand new oil storage tank and oil feed to the boiler. We assessed a few positions before agreeing the best site for the oil tank.

All things into consideration. The property size, hot water demands, heating output, and customers working patterns. We advised the installation of an oil-fired combi boiler.

Oil tank installation
Oil storage tank

In preparing our quotation, we allowed for an 1800 litre bunded oil storage tank. This was to sit onto a prepared solid base.

The boiler we quoted was a Worcester Bosch, Heatslave II 12/18. The installation would go in the garage.  also, there were two new radiators to add to the system. This would be adding central heating to the downstairs for the first time in its history.

Once the quotation had been accepted. The materials were ordered and the diary was blocked out.

On day one of the installation week, the first job was to drain the existing heating system.  And prepare the site for the Worcester Bosch Heatslave II. the boiler installation, in an adjoining garage, piped through the wall into the house. The oil tank onto a prepared concrete plinth. And the oil line, along the outer wall of the garage.

oil combi boiler installed in Huddersfield
Installed new oil boiler

By the end of the week, the boiler was in position, the oil tank had been filled, and the heating system was full. As part of the installation. The customer had asked us to carry out a Magnacleanse power flush of the heating system. The results of which can be seen below. See a video of how the Magnaclease works. 

For the first time in its existence this little farm cottage in West Yorkshire. Now had a fully functional, controllable heating system.  Thanks to MS Cookers and Boilers, and Worcester Bosch and the Heatslave combi.

magnacleanse power flush, slaithwaite, Huddersfield
the results of the system flush

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