Replacement Oil Boiler Holmfirth

Replacement oil boiler installed in Holmfirth. Our customer came to us looking for a new oil boiler. Their current installation was an oil-fired Trianco combi boiler. This was feeding a 250L unvented cylinder. And a heating circuit of 12 radiators. The hot water side of the combi had been disabled. as it wasn’t needed.

Trianco Oil boiler

Additional concerns; the customers also wanted a new radiator installing. They also noted that the current boiler had system pressure issues. A history of circulation pump problems, and a towel radiator that they had to bleed of air every couple of weeks.

During our site survey, we also checked the condition of the oil tank and supply line.

The existing oil tank although wasn’t quite fitted to regulations. It didn’t pose any serious risks just a couple of advisory’s

Grant oil boiler

Using this information we went away and worked on our quotation. The recommended product was a Grant VortexBlue 26kW. With a high-level balanced flue kit. Supplied with a 10-year manufacturer warranty

The recommendations for existing problems were, to install an auto bypass valve. This is situated on the primary flow and return pipes and allows the water to bypass. Meaning that when the motorised valves close. There is still somewhere for the water to go while the pump is still spinning.

We replaced 12 metres of non-barrier plastic pipes. which were where we suspected the air in towel radiator problems were coming from.

The day of the install came and went without too many problems. The end result of a happy customer with a newly installed Grant boiler. With a 10-year warranty and with a rectified system design. We managed to get rid of the existing problems as well as installing peace of mind in our customers.

Grant Vortex Blue oil boiler installation

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