Online vs Traditional Boiler Quotes

Online Vs Traditional Boiler Quotes

Not so long ago, the process of buying a new boiler installation was a lot different to it is now. First of all, you would have to go to your local chip shop and find a plumbers business card on the notice board…. or you know, get the yellow pages out. 


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Once you contact an engineer directly. You would then arrange for a site visit. The engineer would conduct a few tests and measurements. Before disappearing to provide you with a quote. And then repeating this process should you want more than one quote. 


After you are happy with the quotation(s). You would then book your installation with the desired engineer. They would come back in a week or so to install your new boiler. 


Recent advances in technology.

And now with the recent outbreak of Covid-19 have lead to a more modern way of getting quotes.


These Days, getting a quotation for a new boiler can be done in just a few clicks, sat in your pyjamas at a time that suits you. This has given homeowners a completely different way of having a new boiler installed

Let us look at the pros and cons of each.

Benefits of online boiler quotes

  • time: No need to search for engineers and then contact them and invite them into your home for a site visit. no more having half a day of work or waiting in for an engineer.
  • Instant:  Just enter a few details and selections about your home and the work required. You will start receiving quotes immediately.
  • 24/7: The internet is always open. If you don’t get around to looking for an engineer until the middle of the night. An engineer is unlikely to answer the phone. Websites and online forms, however, are always open. 
  • Easy to compare: The quote will appear in front of you on the screen. There and then so you can start comparing quotes straight away.

Online quotations may be subject to a site survey, so the price may go up or down after a thorough home survey has been carried out. Find out more

Benefits of traditional boiler quotes

  • Personal contact: Meet the engineer or installation company before you have hired them. Gauge your own opinion on who would be the best fit to have in your house and to install your new boiler.
  • Thorough home survey: The engineer will be able to see your home for themself. And carry out a thorough home survey ensuring the correct size and type of boiler are being quoted.
  • Expectations on the day: After their assessment. The engineer will be able to talk you through what needs to happen, to give you a better understanding of the required work.
  • No internet required: All you need is access to a telephone. You won’t have to enter all your details and remember passwords and you don’t need to have access to the internet.

Downsides of online boiler quotes

  • Not meeting the engineer beforehand: Not having any physical contact. Prior to the company arriving at your home with your new boiler on the day of installation.
  • Need to be able to use tech: Online quotations require you to be fairly familiar with the devices used to obtain them. Such as a tablet or a smartphone 
  • No personal touch: Not meeting with or talking to the engineer before accepting the quote. Means you are losing the opportunity to build rapport and gauge who you trust. 
  • Not all companies will be online: While many companies and installation engineers are online. there are some who you have to contact yourself. 

The downside of Traditional quotes

  • May cost money: In most cases, the booking of an engineer to carry out a home survey will be free of charge. Always be wary of companies that want to charge. 
  • One visit one quote: With online quotes, you can receive multiple quotes in a short space of time. the traditional way of getting multiple quotes would be to invite them all to your home.  
  • Have to find the companies first: Before agreeing for a company to visit your home, you would first need to know who it is you need to contact. which can be time-consuming.

Where can I get online quotes?


MS Cookers and Boilers can provide free, no-obligation online boiler quotes in a few easy clicks. At MS Cookers and Boilers are a local, reputable trustworthy company. As a boiler installation company, we offer the best of both worlds. Get your online quote through our website quote generator. If the price and service are of interest to you. We can then come out and carry out a full home survey. Sounds simple? It is!


All you need to do is select from a few drop-down menus, including boiler make size and model and then add your extras. then submit a few details and your new boiler quote will be displayed on your screen 

Traditional or online boiler quotes and which is best for you?

Both traditional and online boiler quotes off many benefits as well as a few downsides. 


The traditional way of doing things you get the face to face interaction to gauge your trust and liking of the engineer. The personal touch that you just won’t get from an online quote. 


online quotes are a lot less time-consuming. Open 24 hours a day for you to get a boiler quote whenever you want. Whether that be on your lunch break or even 5 am. Online quotes are also generated instantly after providing your details. 


The same as most things in life, it comes down to personal preference and what suits you and your lifestyle. Regardless of how you choose to get quotes, and not just for boilers. You should always get more than one quote so you have something to compare it against