Why is Summer the best time to replace my boiler?

Why is summer the best time to replace my boiler?

If all things were under your control, then the winter months wouldn’t be the most ideal time to go without a boiler. If your boiler breaks down, then it may be 1-3 days work having a replacement fitted.  Not to mention the time taken to arrange for a couple different companies to come to your house. To measure up etc, before quoting for your new boiler installation. All this happening in the middle of british winter is not ideal! Making summer the best time to replace a boiler.


Rather than foretting about your boiler during the summer months. We are going to take you through the benefits and costs. Of replacing your boiler through those warmer summer months. Where not having use of the heating for a couple of days is really not an issue.


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When should I replace my boiler?


Even if your boiler is still fully operational. Once you get to 12-15 years old, then it should be in the back of your mind that it will need replacing soon. Whilst it may still be operating, boilers will lose their efficiency over time. Any manufacturer warranty may have run out. And should a fault occur the sourcing parts for older boilers can be a challenge. 


Modern day condensing boilers have to be at least 92% efficient. For every one pound (£1) only 8 pence is wasted heat. Compare that against an old standard efficiency boiler with around 70% efficiency. straight away , that is a big saving over a year. 


What are the Benefits of Replacing My Boiler in Summer


British summer, bbq’s, beaches, long days and warm weather (for around two weeks!!) during these warmer months, we are not dependant on our boilers to keep us warm. And it wouldn’t be a hardship to go with out an operational boiler for a day or two.


More time to get the right installation engineers for your home


The winter period in the uk is by far the busiest period. For boiler installation and heating engineers. who are not only installing new boilers. But also rushing out carrying out reactive maintenance and repairs. If you utilise the summer time for your replacement boiler. You will take advantage of these quieter months. You are more likely to get more convenient appointment times. You Also have the luxury of time to shop around and compare quotes from different installers. 


Have the time to pick the perfect boiler for your home


If your boiler breaks in winter.  Chances are you will go with the first available installatioin company. And you will just go with the first  boiler option you are quoted. If you plan ahead and have your boiler installed in the summer. You have plenty of time to research the different manufacturers. To figure out which is the best suited to your needs.


Minimise the chance of a winter breakdown


If you wait for your boiler to break down before you think about replacing it. You could end up in the nightmare situation of no heating and no hot water in the middle of winter. This would mean calling out your heating engineer for emergency repairs. At a less convenient time and you could end up paying a lot more. By having your boiler replaced in the summer, or even serviced. You run a far lower risk of a boiler breakdown during the winter. 


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What are the long term benefits to replacing my boiler?


Ok, so now we know that the best time to replace our boilers is during the warmer half of the year. Now lets look at the long term benefits to replacing your boiler.


Reduced heating bills


Manufacturer backed warranty or guarantee


Increased control and efficiency of the heating system


Warmer and more comfortable home to live 


Quieter operation than older boilers


Reduce our impact on the environment 


You are thinking about moving home and wondering why you should replace the boiler? If you won’t be there to reap these benefits?


While that may be the case. A new boiler can add up to £8k to the value of your house and make its more appealing to potential buyers.


What does a boiler replacement Cost?


The cost of replacing your boiler, including the price of the boiler and the installation. Will vary greatly on a number of factors. A like for like replacement will cost between £1600 and £2500. However this is only if the boiler will be installed in the same place. And the rest of the existing installation complies with current regulations. 


Installing the boiler into a completely new location. Or changing the system type, ie converting from boiler and hot water tank to Combi boiler. Will add a considerable amount on, as will any additional flue, ie vertical flue up through the roof etc. 


While this might still sound like a lot of money, the benefits discussed above. And the energy savings a new boiler could very soon start paying for itself. 


By arranging a summer installation you will have the added time to shop around. And find the best installation engineers and the best package to suit your needs, 


We highly recommend getting a few different quotes from local installation companies. And then making your own judgement out of those